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Zanzibar Day Trip ForodhaniZanzibar Day trip forodhani itinerary starts from stone town in evening. Walking tour to few historical sites, but the main attraction is the forodhani evening foods market.

Each evening as the sun sets, Stone Town’s Forodhani Gardens park transforms into an open-air food market.

Skip the fish kebabs and head straight to the vendors selling urojo.  Urojo is a thick mango-and-tamarind soup alongside chickpea fritters, boiled potatoes, cassava flakes, chutney, and hot sauce as you like. Follow it up with hand-pressed sugarcane juice with ginger and lime.

A feast of enormous octopus tentacles, colossal lobster claws, and gaping fish are laid out on table every night.

The names and origins of less recognizable treats, smashed together in generous portions on kebab sticks.

Special Sea food dishes at forodhani

A kebab of tandoori lobster accompanied by fresh-pressed sugarcane juice is a quintessential treat.

But there are alternatives: grilled sweet potatoes, savory bananas, and puffy coconut bread complete the Swahili suite of tastes.

Pizza is sealed with thin crepe on top and set on a hot griddle with a bit of butter.

The end result is a hot melting delight with a tiny bit of crunch on the outside.

It is good both as a main course and as desert. I suggest you get one of each!

Negotiate your price and wait for the vendor to heat up your choice.

During your day trip, tourists will have opportunity to join local people and taste the swahili dishes at forodhani park.

The park has more than century, past generations have also used this place for evening relaxation and getting some snacks. After relaxation and meals head back to your hotel or airport.

End of Zanzibar day trip forodhani. End of the tour.

Other great places to visit while in Zanzibar.

The Arab Fort (Ngome Kongwe)

Mentioned previously in Forodhani Gardens, this building is in far better condition today than its two neighbors.

In the late 17th century, this fort was built as a means of defense against the occupying Portuguese forces. The remains of the church can still be seen built into the inside wall of the fort.

It was later a prison in the 19th century, and became ladies’ tennis club before 1964.

Visitors may enter the fort and explore the battlements and towers for great views of the harbor and ocean.

The amphitheater inside the fort still sees some use, and you may catch a live performance on this 400-year-old stage. You can contact us to add Arab Fort visit to your zanzibar day trip forodhani itinerary.

Darajani Bazaar

Darjani Bazaar is the hub of Stone Town’s commerce, selling a wide range of groceries from meat and fish.

Several stands sell souvenirs that make perfect keepsakes to take home as mementos of your time in Stone Town.

Some of the sights and smells are surely not for the faint of heart. Its an amazing cultural experience that should not be missed if you want to experience an authentic East African market. You can contact us to add Darajani Bazaar visit to your zanzibar day trip forodhani itinerary.

The Old Dispensary

First built as a dispensary during colonial times, this impressive four story building has a long and interesting history.

Located right on Zanzibar’s seafront, The Old Dispensary is now the town’s cultural center and houses its own restaurant along with several shops and offices.

There’s also a hookah bar on the second floor for those looking to explore the night life.

This symbol of multi-cultural Zanzibari architecture is not to be missed in your travels to Stone Town. You can contact us to add The Old Dispensary visit to your zanzibar day trip forodhani itinerary.

Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church

Built in 1873 by Edward Steere, the third Bishop of Zanzibar and famous British abolitionist.

The Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church was symbolically built on the location of the whipping post from the island’s largest slave market.

The unusual architecture includes a unique barrel vault roof and gothic and Islamic details.

Steere himself is buried behind the main altar, as he died a few weeks prior to its completion.

The grounds also host one of the most famous Slave Monuments in the entire world. You can contact us to add Anglican Cathedral of Crist Church visit to your zanzibar day trip forodhani itinerary.

Changuu Island

Prison Island can be reached on a short 20-minute boat ride from Stone Town.

In the first place changuu is home to dozens of giant tortoises, some of which are over 200 years old.

Its sandy white beaches and crystal clear water make for some great swimming and snorkeling.

History buffs can also visit some of the former cells that housed prisoners in the 19th century. You can contact us to add Changuu Island visit to your zanzibar day trip forodhani itinerary.

Hamamni Persian Baths

Built between 1870 and 1888, the Hamamni Persian Baths were the first public baths in Zanzibar.

The place of baths is called Hamamni then it was called Persian because it was built by Shirazi architects.

Although they are no longer in use, it is possible to see many of the rooms for a small fee.

Just ask the caretaker across the alley to unlock the gate for you to see this interesting area. You can contact us to add Hamamni Persian Baths visit to your zanzibar day trip forodhani itinerary.

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